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Red Pocket Mobile CoverageGeniusSM

With Red Pocket, you can switch networks whenever you need to improve your coverage or are unsatisfied with your current network.

Network Flexibility

Smoothly transition between networks based on your needs.

Enhanced Coverage

Enjoy reliable connectivity wherever you go.

Affordable Options

Mobile plans that fit your budget without compromising on quality.

Things to consider when switching networks


What is the CoverageGeniusâ„  tool?

It allows you to switch to a different network directly within your account.

What happens to my phone number when I switch?

Your phone number will be ported (transferred) to the new network automatically. You will not need your account number and pin. Everything will be done for you.

How long does the network switching process take?

The network switching process usually takes a few minutes to complete, but it can sometimes take up to 48 hours. This is because the two networks need to communicate with each other to complete the port.

Can I keep my current cell phone plan balance when switching to a new network?

When you switch to a new network, your billing date will change, and you will be immediately charged for the new plan. Your old plan will be canceled, and you will not be refunded for unused days.

We recommend that you switch to a new plan at the end of your billing cycle so that you are only charged for the days that you use the new plan.

Have any additional questions?

We hope this information clarifies the CoverageGeniusâ„  tool. Feel free to explore our CoverageGeniusâ„  tool support article or contact our customer support team with any questions or needs.